About Us

What is SmartHomeBeast?

SmartHomeBeast is a blog created by smart home enthusiasts. We are a group of passionate geeks who love to make your house smarter. We review and test the latest products in the Smart home automation industry.

-Mission: Our mission is to help you find the best smart home devices that will simplify your life, save you money, and make your family’s lives easier.

-Vision: To be an authority on all things related to Smart Home Automation and provide reviews for customers making purchasing decisions about what’s right for their homes.

Reason for creating SmartHomeBeast Blog

We created this website to help people transform their houses into smart homes by using smart home automation systems in the market.

We have been reviewing the best gadgets since 2019, we are passionate about the things that make our lives easier and more convenient.

What will you find in this website?

We review all of the latest smart home automation products on the market so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out which ones are worth buying.

Our blog also contains articles about how to automate your own home with DIY projects or handy tips from experts in the industry.

We believe in making your life easier by providing you with the latest and greatest tech to make your home smarter.

We also provide tips and guides to help you get started or find what you’re looking for all in one place!

Why SmartHomeBeast is the best place for home automation!

We specialize in helping homeowners find solutions that work for them by understanding their lifestyle needs and budget limitations.

SmartHomeBeast is not affiliated with any company or product so the information you read here is unbiased and without conflict of interest.

*Some of the links you will find on https://smarthomebeast.com/ are affiliate links from reputable and trusted companies like Amazon! These links provide means of earning for many

websites but it doesn’t mean that it will affect our reviews as we are committed to providing unbiased opinions. 

Our team of experts provides insight into how technology can transform your living space, so you can accommodate a smart lifestyle with ease.

With our help, you’ll be able to automate your home security lights, shades, thermostat, and more while keeping in mind safety issues and other aspects that are important in today’s market.

We take suggestions from our readers very seriously and provide information basis on those suggestions!

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