Google Home Routines (Top 20 Ideas and Tips in 2022)

If you’re a Google Homeowner, Google Home Routines can be used as an extension of your daily lives by adding voice control over your routines.

Google Home and Google Assistant can make your life easier in many ways.

Here are some of the things they can do for you:

-Set reminders to help you stay on top of tasks.

-Help manage your everyday errands from your phone.

-Answer questions about anything you’re wondering about, even the meaning of life.

Not sure what Google Home Routines are? This article is for you.

This post contains tips and ideas for you to get the most out of Google Assistant. If you have a Google Home device, having voice control over your routines will make life a little bit easier.

These are some of my favorite commands:

– I like to set a routine that plays music at night when I’m winding down for bed.

– I also like to set a routine that gives me work updates in the morning as soon as I open up my email and start working.

– Setting a routine is quick and easy. You can easily give it a name so you’ll remember it later, then set it up with all the things you need.

– You can create different routines for each part of your day.

– Just say, “ok Google, let’s set a routine.”

The Complete Guide to Google Home Routines

I’m Marvin from the Midwest, and I love sharing my knowledge with others about how to use Google home Routines more effectively in their lives.

You don’t have to be a Google Home user to know how awesome Google Home Routines are. They can make your life easier in many ways, and the tips throughout this article will help you get the most out of Google Assistant.

Let’s start off with the basics. What is Google Home Routines?

Google Home routines let you set up a series of actions to occur when you complete a trigger phrase. For instance, your routine can turn off all the lights in the house when you tell Google, “Goodnight.” Routines can also be customized to say things like, “Good morning!” when you wake up.

There are so many possibilities with routines that it can sometimes be hard to keep track. No worries! These tips will help you get the most out of routines.

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Below are some ideas for what you can set up with routines!

20 Creative Google Home Routines Ideas You Need to Try Now

Do you want to be more productive at home? Google Assistant can help. Check out these top tips on how to create a home routine with Google Home and other smart devices. You can do this in the app or by voice commands with your Google Home device, Android phone, or iPhone.

1. Use Google Home Routines to set reminders

Setting reminders with Google is simple and powerful. You can get information on just about anything, including weather updates, traffic reports for your commute home from work, and appointments you have to attend in the future.

You can also use reminders to help keep track of tasks that need to be completed throughout your day. Whether you need to take a break from work, remember to call your spouse after dinner, or make sure the kids are brushed and ready for bed at 8:00 pm every night, setting reminders with Google will ensure it happens.

2. Manage your everyday errands

Google’s helpful services can make everyday errands easier to complete.

– Need to pay your bills? You can set reminders with Google Home that will remind you of when your bills are due and how much they are, as well as indicate where the bill is located, so you know what box to find it in.

– Trying to get work done at home but can’t focus? Google will remind you to take a break and walk around the block for 5 minutes so you can come back refreshed.

Google Home Routines Tips: You can create unique routines that reflect your own home-specific errands, such as paying bills and getting groceries for dinner. To start using these services, try saying, “Ok Google, let’s set a routine” to get started.

3. Answer questions about anything you’re wondering about

Google is the world’s most powerful search engine for a reason: it has access to almost all of the information in the world! You can turn to Google for literally any question or topic you’re curious about.

– What do I need at the grocery store?

– How far away is Mars from the Earth? What is a tardigrade, and why should you care?

– Why did my boss really give me that raise? Google will have your back with answers to all of these questions and more.

4. Use Google Home Routines to have fun

Google Home can help you have fun with your family and friends. Just ask it a question, whether it’s something about space or how many calories are in that cheesecake you had for dessert last night.

If you are interested in something funny, then Google Home can help with that too. You can ask it to tell you a joke, and it will respond with something hilarious. The best part is, it knows the difference between a good and bad joke, so it will only tell you funny ones.

You can also use Google Home to play games. You’ll find plenty of great options built right into the Google Assistant app, and you can even access your favorite games for free when you use Chrome.

5. Good Morning Routines to improve your morning routine

Google Home has a default “Good Morning” Routine that has been created for you by Google. You can use this routine to set different actions like turn on lights, start the smart coffee maker, or have your favorite music playing.

Use it to read up on the news, check the weather, and more. You can also use it to listen to music on a specific streaming service or to plan out your day.

You can say “Google Morning Google” and then trigger the routine by speaking “Good Morning” or using some of the voice commands below.

6. Use Google Home Routines for music

Google also has a great library of music built right into it! You can also connect it to subscriptions like Spotify or Pandora to give you access to even more music.

– You can control your smart home devices with Google Home, such as turning off lights using IFTTT or similar services to customize your music.

7. Use Google Home Routines for the weather

Google can help you plan out your day by providing information on the weather so you know what to wear and what to expect when you leave in the morning. You can also check traffic reports as well as get transit updates, which can help you plan a better commute.

8. News updates

Google Assistant will read the latest headlines and publish them on your calendar or put a link in your feed for easy access.

9. Manage your family schedule

Google note updates on your family’s schedule, including who will be home and when during the week.

– You can also use Google Home to set timers, which are great for cooking, cleaning, or working on a specific task.

10. Routines to speak other languages with Google Translate

Google Assistant supports some of the most popular languages, including Spanish, German, and French.

– You can also use Google Translate to speak another language with Google Assistant. Using these services, you can make sure that the translations are being done accurately and consistently.

11. Cooking Routines

Google can help you cook with your family. You can ask it questions like where to find recipes, how long foods should be in the oven, or what ingredients need to be added next.

– Choose from thousands of recipes or just ask Google to find a recipe for you. You can also have Google read the instructions out loud, so you can keep your hands free.

12. School Preparation Routines

If you have kids, then you know how much difficult it is to manage everything in the morning. That is why you should prepare Google Home Routines for your kids to follow.

Google has an awesome feature that allows you to add multiple users and create personal profiles for each one of your kids.

– You can also add reminders to Google Home, which is great for those who need a little push to get started.

– You can set voice notes to keep reminding your kids about what needs to be done before they head off to school.

13. Dinner Planning Routines

When it comes to dinner, we sometimes feel that we don’t have enough time for cooking, and then we order something or go out.

– To avoid this kind of situation, you can use Google Home Routines to easily keep track of the daily menu and quickly know what kind of food you should buy.

– You can also set the timers for a specific meal, which will allow you to spend more time with your family.

14. Tasks Management Routines

You can use Google Home Routines to record your tasks, which will help you remember what needs to be done.

– It’s also easier to ask Google to remind you about a task at the right time rather than trying to remember it yourself.

– You can even manage your shopping lists using Google Assistant’s voice commands!

15. Calendar and Meeting Preparation Routines

Google Assistant allows adding events using your voice instead of typing them. – You can also add a calendar event by using the Doodle service, which will send an email to the organizer and get back with more details on the meeting.

– You can also use Google Home to wake up early and listen to your favorite music tracks while drinking a cup of coffee or prepare for work.

16. Bedtime Routines

Using Google Home Routines, you can create a bedtime routine to help relax and fall asleep.

– You can add soothing music or nature sounds, set a timer, and more.

– For your kids, you can create a routine that will read a bedtime story and turn off the lights.

17. Good Night

Good Night Routines help you go through your evening paces, which includes turning off lights, locking doors, and setting alarms.

– You can control all smart bulbs, which are supported by Assistant, using voice commands.

– Use Routines to turn on specific lighting in the morning, which will help you wake up better.

Set multiple Routines using Google Home, which allows you to complete your day more effectively and less time-consuming. 

18. Traffic Information Routines

Google Home Routines allows you to use Google Maps for getting traffic information without any hassle. – First of all, create a new Routine and choose “Traffic Information” as the trigger.

– Now, you can ask Google Home to give you a live traffic report or simply say, “Ok Google, tell me about the traffic.”

– You can use this feature to avoid any delays on your way to work or just to know how long it will take you to get home. 14. Birthday Reminder Routines

19. Coming Home Routines

With Google Assistant, you can set Routines to trigger actions automatically when you are coming back from work, like turn on lights, set the thermostat, adjust the temperature, open the garage door, etc.

– You can also set up Routines to trigger actions automatically when you are going on a vacation trip, such as turning off lights, locking doors, turning on a security alarm, or just ask Google Assistant to remind you not to forget anything.

20. Shopping Routines

Google Home Routines can give you a hand with shopping.  You can set multiple shopping list routines that will let you add new items when needed.

– It’s also possible to create routines that will check your shopping list for what you need and then add it automatically to the shopping cart.

21. Pets Routines

Google Home Routines can help you manage your pets’ feeding times and other routine tasks.

Like If you have a dog, you can use Routines to take a daily walk and feed your pet at certain times.

How Google Home Routine Work

The Google Home routine allows you to create chore lists and other day-to-day tasks with your voice. You can use routines to tell Google what you want to do when you get home, in the morning, or when you get up at night. Routines can also include multiple actions for things like turning off the lights, posting updates on social media channels, and more.

Its basic function consists of Starter or Triggers and Actions.

There are various Starter types that you can set up like:

1. Good Morning

2. Goodnight

3. I am leaving

4. I’m home

5. Happy Birthday

6. Movie Time

7. Good Night

8. What is on [what you want to know about]

9. Hey Google, I’m [what you do]

10. ok Google, How Long [how long something takes]

Let me explain this with a practical example.

When you’re ready to go to sleep, say, “Ok Google, good night.” this is a trigger. In response to that trigger, Google Home will perform the actions in your routine. In this example, that action you might say, “set my alarm for 7 am.” and Google will set the alarm accordingly, or you have a routine set to turn off the lights, close the front door and turn down the thermostat.

Isn’t it amazing?

Steps to Create Your own Custom Routine

So, let’s get started by creating your first Google Home routine.

1. On your Android phone or iPhone, launch the Google Home app and tap Menu.

2. Under ‘Accounts’, tap on Home

3. Your Google Account is now the account you’re signed into for the Google Assistant settings.

4. Tap Home control

5. Tap the plus icon in the bottom right corner and tap “New routine.”

6. Choose the trigger that will initiate the routine

  • There are some default routines already created for you
  • Choose the trigger that will initiate the routine If you want your routine to be initiated by a “simple phrase,” like “good morning,” you need to name your routine accordingly.

7. Name your routine and tap ‘Create.’

8. Tap ‘Done.’


Q. How do I delete Google Home routine?

A: Follow these steps to delete a Google Home routine:
1. Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. Select a routine.
2. Tap Edit at the top of your screen.
3. Press the Remove button at the bottom.
4. Tap ok to confirm you wish to delete the routine.

Q. Can I use the Google Home routine without command?

A: Yes, you can. You can use the routines that are created automatically, such as Good Morning and I’m home, by going to your Routines and tapping on them to activate them. This will automatically run response to the specified trigger.

Q. Can we create a routine with a command but no action?

A: No, you can’t create one. Google Assistant Routines must have any action or command. You can’t create one with just the trigger and nothing else.

Q. What Google devices are supported by Google Routines?

A: Google Routines are supported in Google Home Mini, Max, and Nest.

Q. Where are my Google Home routines?

A: Google Home Routines are created and managed in the Google Home app, so you can find them on your phone or tablet.

Q. How do I change my Google Home routine?

A: Open Google Home App on your phone or tablet, tap Menu, and then go to More settings (in the upper right corner). Tap Routines and Edit the one you want to change.

Q. Is Google Nest Routines Compatible with Google Home?

A: Google Nest is the new name of Google Home, so yes, Google Home is compatible with Google Nest Routines because they are basically the same thing. You can set up your Google Nest routines on Google Home App.

Final Thoughts!

Google Home Routines is an amazing feature for Google Home, which will make your life easier. You can control everything like lights, temperature, music, news, weather, and more even with your voice.

The purpose of this guide on Google Routines is to help you understand what Google Home Routines is and how it can work for you, and some cool ideas for using it.

I have also created a guide on how to create your custom routines with Google home above, so please check it out.

I hope this information is useful for you and if any question is still not answered, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading. If you like this guide, then please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

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