Funny names for Alexa devices

Alexa is a great device to have, but sometimes you may feel like it’s not personal enough. With the new additions to the Alexa family such as the Echo Dot and Echo Plus, you can now give your devices funny names. This way they become more personable and unique. 

In this article, we’ll share some funny names that you can use for your Alexa-enabled devices or even if you’re just looking for inspiration on how to name your smart home devices!

We’ve done our best to find and create some unique and creative names for Alexa devices. We hope you’ll find them useful and come up with your own ideas too!

These nickname ideas are also good for other smart home devices such as Google Home or various other devices.

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40 Funny Names for Alexa Devices

So, let’s see that list of names for Alexa devices! We scoured the internet to find some creative Alexa nicknames and we think they’re pretty good. We hope you’ll have some inspiration from them.

Here’s our list of funny names for Alexa-enabled devices:

1. Your Royal Highness

This one is for the Echo Plus. You can give it this regal nickname to feel that you’re really royalty with your own, personalized voice assistant!

2. Smarter child

This one is for the Echo Dot. If you want your smart home device to sound like a child, this name might be perfect for it!

3. Cleverbot

This is a good name for Alexa devices since it’s just like the name of a robot. If you want your Alexa device to sound like a robot, this is a good choice!

4. Professor

We all know that the best AI assistant is a good professor. So, call your Alexa assistant Professor and have it sound smart!

5. Siri

We all know that Siri is Apple’s personal assistant so why not give your Amazon device the same name for fun?

6. Alexa Ripley

If you’re a fan of the Alien movie series and you named your Alexa device “Ripley”, then that’s a good Alexa device name!

7. Arnold

We all know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is, so why not have him be your own personal assistant?

8. Megatron

Transformers fans will love this one! This nickname is perfect for smart home devices. It can be funny names for Alexa lights, smart plugs, or any Alexa-enabled device.

9. Better Half

We all know that the other half is usually smarter. You could name your smart home device “Better Half” to let it seem like you are on a more level playing field with it!

10. Big Mouth

This is a good choice for Alexa devices that you think likes to talk a lot.

11. Yoda

Another StarWars themed name that you can use for your Alexa device! Try it out, it’s a good name!

12. Alexa One

One is a great way to go when naming your devices because there can only be one!

13. HAL

If you’re a fan of Kubrick’s movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, congratulate yourself for this pick!

14. Alexa Cat

For all the pet lovers out there, who also love their Alexa devices, this is a good name!

15. Alexa King

This is another regal nickname that you could give your Echo device.

16. Alexa Wolf

For Fallout fans who want to give their devices a fierce name, this is it!

17. Anon

This one’s for those who want to keep their Alexa device a secret!

18. Alexa Howl

We all know that the name of Werewolf is “Howl,” so this is a good choice for fans!

19. Aleka

Pretty simple addition to the list of nicknames for Alexa devices, but still good nonetheless!

20. Doralee

This is a good pick if you want your Alexa device to sound like a woman who’s tough and confident.

21. Bad Boy

If you like your Alexa device to be more manly, this is the name for it!

22. Alexa Grinch

Everyone loves Christmas and everyone loves Dr. Seuss. Why not have your Alexa device come up with a new Christmas story every day?

23. Beer Breath

For all of you party animals out there, this one’s for you!

24. Cylon Alexa

Can’t get enough of Battlestar Galactica? Then you can now give your Alexa device a Cylon name!

25. Serenity Alexa

Inspired by Firefly? The beloved TV series? Then you can now give your Alexa device a cool name from the series.

26. Fauxlexa

We come up with this name by combining faux and Alexa. Isn’t it funny and cool? We think so!

27. Alexus

This is a play on words for Alexa, but you can use it if you want to have Alexa device name that is similar to its original name!

28. Echo-Wan Kenobi

A great Star Wars fan? Then this is definitely the name for your Alexa device!

29. Phantom of the House

This is a funny name if you want to make your Alexa device sound like an evil ghost.

30. Siri Von Bulow

We’re not sure how we come with this but it’s for our German readers. We think it works though!

31. Agent 8-Ball

This is a super simple yet catchy name for your Alexa device. If you don’t know, 8-ball is a magic ball that gives you the answer to any question.

32. All Seeing Eye

A slightly more creative name for Alexa, this is because the device is always “watching” you.

33. Beauty Queen

For your beautiful Alexa device, this would be a great name.

34. BFF

This is another good name for your Alexa device because it helps with numerous things in your home.

35. Bubbles

A funny way to name your Alexa device, this is because the light on the device looks like bubbles.

36. Bunni

This is one of the cute names for echo dot that you can call your Alexa device.

37. C-3PO

If you love Starwars, this would be a cool name to give to any of your smart devices.

38. Commando

No explanation needed for this fun nickname. This would be great for an Alexa device that’s mainly used for playing music.

39. Cooki

Another fun name for Alexa, this is because the device can help you cook and make delicious recipes hands-free.

40. Daisy Duke

This is another creative name that you can call Alexa, and it’s just a classic southern term for a short denim skirt.

41. Didi

A sweet name for any device, this is because Alexa is always listening to you and ready to help with whatever you need.

42. Doc

You can give this name to your Alexa device if you’re a medical practitioner and find it useful for some reminders.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you find these funny names for Alexa devices useful and that you come up with even more ideas on how to name your device.

You can also take a look at our other articles that have many more names funny names for smart devices. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. We always appreciate your feedback!

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