Funny Names for Smart Tv (Awesome and Hilarious Ideas)

Smart TVs are so common these days, but they still have such boring names. They all start with “Samsung”, or “LG,” so wouldn’t it be better if they had some funny names?

Having a name that can make people laugh can make even the most boring product seem more interesting. As TVs have become so common in households these days, why not give them a different identity by renaming them?

We have created this article so you can have some ideas about funny tv names for your smart TV. You can also get ideas from these names and create your own unique name for your device.

We have searched the internet for the best names for TVs and also come up with our own unique suggestions. We have also added the meaning of every name so that you can understand the idea behind naming a TV in a certain way.

Funny Names for Smart Tv – 30 Ideas

To help you find the perfect name for your new TV, we have compiled this list of some of our favorite funny names for your TV!

1. Smarty Pants

This is a cute name for your smart TV. It might sound strange, but its simplicity is what makes it one of the best names for smart TVs. You can call your device “Smarty Pants” because it is, well…smart!

2. Telly Monster

Telly Monster is a funny name to call your smart TV. The word “monster” has a negative connotation, so it would be funny to associate that with your TV. You can call it this because it always demands your attention, just like a monster would!

3. Smarty Muffin

This is another funny and cute tv name so, you can call your device with this name. It is a very common and frequently used name, and you will see many other people calling their smart TV with this name.

4. Teala Dunce

This name is unique, but it has a negative connotation to it. When you call your smart TV Teala Dunce, you are telling everyone that it is dumb. So, you can call your device this if it makes you angry.

5. Big Bertha

If your tv screen is huge, you can call it Big Bertha. It sounds funny, and it makes sense too. Also, this name is a bit unusual, which makes it even better to call your smart TV with this name.

6. Punderful

You can call your smart tv “Punderful” because it is full of nonsense. The name is catchy, and it sounds very funny.

7. Baby

This is a simple but cute name to call your smart TV. You can give this name because you feel like your device is like your baby. It is affectionate, but if you call it this, everyone will know that it is yours!

8. Thrilla Gorilla

This is a cool name for TV. You can give this name because it has loads of technology in it, much like a v/hip gorilla. It is the best name for smart TV if you like jungle animals!

9. Overlord

This is a funny name to call your smart TV. You can give this name because you feel like the device is ruling your life. It is a funny way to tell everyone that you are not in control!

10. Mind Reader

This is another funny name to call your smart TV. You can give this name because you feel like it knows what you are thinking all the time. It is a funny way to tell everyone that you cannot hide anything from it!

11. Big b0nga monitor Ya

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but neither does a big box that you sit in front of all day long. Maybe it’s not as funny as some of the other suggestions, but it’s unusual enough to make people stop and think why someone would call their TV this.

12. The Nama-Stay TV

Some people like to make up long, complicated names for things. It’s also possible that the person who named their TV didn’t want to use any swear words so this can be one of the good slang names for tv.

13. Serendipitous box of dreams

It’s a little long, but it’s certainly attention-grabbing! This would be the type of name that you might give to a smart TV if you know it has some interesting features on it.

14. Roku Moku

If you have a Roku TV, this is a great name because it says what you have in a hilarious way. 

15. The Big Old School Television

A wonderful name for your retro TV! It might be smart, but it certainly pays homage to the older TV models.

16. Intelligible box of illusions

We all know that modern TVs are very good at what they do, but a TV shouldn’t be underestimated for its ability to play tricks on the mind!

17. Honey

If you want to tease your wife or your girlfriend, you can call your TV Honey. As she watches it, she will feel like you are talking to her!

18. Magic Fingers

A whimsical name that shows your smart TV is ready to entertain you with its magic! This name will make everyone who hears it smile.

19. Smart Fart Box

This would definitely get people talking, especially if they were feeling a bit flatulent. This name is bound to have a few giggles attached to it!

20. Big Turd Screen

While some people might be offended by this, it is another name that will get people stopping and staring. It’s unusual, and it is certainly memorable.

21. Watch-O-Tron

If your tv is new but does not come with the features you want, you can call it this. It is unusual, and it will get your point across very quickly!

22. Genie

Like the Disney film, every time you want to use your TV you need to rub it and make a wish. We think this

24. Exit sign

This is perfect for TVs that are placed in dark or hidden corners of your house where people would rarely see them.

23. Astro-turf

means fake grass, so this is a perfect name for a smart TV because it’s just an artificial version of the real thing.

25. Remote control

It’s pretty straightforward, but it’s still a little bit of fun.

Slang Names For Tv – Best 5 Ideas

1. The two-faced monster – This would be a fantastic name for TVs that you know will be showing a lot of conflicting information.

2. Box that cares – This is perfect for TVs that you know will be informing you on stories that affect you.

3. One-Eyed Cyclops – This name will make anyone who hears it smile.

4. Box of magic – This would be a good name for smart TVs because it makes it sound like they have magical or hidden features.

5. The Usurper – If your TV has stolen the place of another household appliance, this is a good name for it.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have shown you some of the best ideas that people have come up with for naming their TVs. These funny device names are perfect for people who like to amuse themselves and their friends by giving every object they own a very particular name.

If you want more ideas to name your smart devices check this article on Best name for Alexa devices to get more suggestions.

If you liked any name from above or if you want to add more interesting names for tv in this list, let us know in the comments and we will update this list.

Thank You for reading!

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