Best Essential Oil Smart Diffusers For 2024

Do you want the best essential oil smart diffuser in 2024? Well, we are here to help you in this matter.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to improve mental and physical health. The practice of using essential oils in a diffuser is one of the most popular ways to enjoy a therapeutic benefit.

Essential oils are distilled from plant materials and contain a concentrated form of the natural properties of the plant. The US National Library of Medicine has published research that supports the benefits of essential oils for some common uses.

When using a diffuser, it is important to choose the right oil for your needs. Not all oils are created equal, and some are better suited for certain applications than others.

We have reviewed dozens of products and we hope our research results will help you to make a good buying decision in choosing the right oil diffuser for your needs.

Best Essential Oil Smart Diffusers – Latest Picks!

There was a time when all essential oils came from the same source. However, today, several different companies manufacture them, each with a unique base from which to start.

Our guide work will help you decide which brand is the best essential oil smart diffuser that suits your needs and budgets.

Here are our top recommended products.


Sierra Smart Diffuser – Best Overall

Sierra Smart Diffuser
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Sierra is a popular essential oil company that offers the best smart diffuser 2022. Its intelligent aromatherapy system has several features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for an effective wood diffuser.

It is an excellent addition to your smart home that is Wi-Fi compatible and intelligently powered. You can use it as a regular diffuser, or download the companion app to customize settings for your night light and so on.

You can even change the color, density, and duration of your humidifier from your phone like LED color, mist intensity, timer settings, scheduling. It’s also Alexa and Google Home compatible, so you can use your voice to control it.

Additionally, this gadget may be used with echo/tap/dot to control it solely with your voice. The water tank is large enough for up to 12 hours of continuous fog.

The ultrasonic vibration is used to send the oil solution through an ultra-sound transduction process. The diffuser will work in two modes: pulse and continuous.

In pulse mode, the ultrasonic vibrations will turn on and off very quickly. This will create a pulsing effect that will create a mist using your essential oil.

Also, the built-in app offers you the option of scheduling your diffuser to work at specific times each day or on certain days that you choose. Simply follow the included quickstart guides to connect to the app and then your existing Alexa or Google Home accounts.

You can then utilize your voice to easily control your smart diffuser, including colors, mist settings, and other capabilities.

  • Large water tank for up to 12 hours of continuous fog
  • Ultrasonic vibrations create a mist using your essential oil
  • Pulse and continuous mode
  • The companion app to customize settings
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Some users report that the app isn’t as user-friendly as they would have liked.

Meross Essential Oil Diffuser – Runner Up

Meross Essential Oil Diffuser
Meross Essential Oil Diffuser
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With no effort to maintain, the Meross is also the best ultrasonic diffuser that comes with a 400ml water tank that provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation.

You can adjust the strength of the mist (6-8 hours working time) or turn it off completely (10-12 hours working time). When switched on, the Meross diffuser’s ultrasonic technology is rather quiet (under 30dB) so you can keep it overnight in the bedroom without waking up your partner.

Consumers can use it as a regular aroma diffuser, or download the Meross app to control features like mist intensity, time settings, scheduling, and switch to light mode.

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are also supported by this smart diffuser. Just say “Alexa, activate the diffuser” to turn it on. It possesses 16 million soothing hues, and the light can change from dim to brilliant. You may choose a fixed color or let the colors auto cycle.

You will like that this item is perfect for creating ambiance, meditation, or as a night light and you can also turn off the light and keep the diffuser going to enjoy a peaceful night.

In addition to that, you can also control your smart scent diffuser from any place with an internet connection through the Meross app, there are no distance restrictions.

It’s easy to keep track of the time, and it can be automated with a pre-determined duration every day. You can set up to five different activities for each week, and you may build custom schedules and timers based on your normal activities.

  • Good quality and consistent performance.
  • App control is very innovative
  • Good build quality and finish.
  • Quiet when in use, ideal for nighttime use.
  • The light show is very pretty and calming.
  • The tank is a bit on the small side.

VITRUVI Essential Oil Diffuser – Best in Budget

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Vitruvi Essential Oil Smart Diffuser is a high-quality aromatherapy diffuser made of natural materials. The diffuser has a sleek, modern design and is easy to use. It offers a variety of features, including a countdown timer, automatic shut-off, and seven color-changing LED lights.

It is made of the highest quality porcelain whose main function is to spread the aroma across a large surface. The water is transported from the tank to the top of the diffuser where it is dispersed over a wide area. The diffuser is quiet and efficient, and the mist it emits is fine and gentle.

The Vitruvi diffuser is simple to use and comfortable to have around the house or in the office. It provides for a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to de-stress and unwind.

The calming aroma of essential oils can help you focus on your work at hand, but the diffuser can also be used for aromatherapy or simply to help make your home smell fresh.

One of the best features is the ultrasonic technology which is very important. Its main role is to ensure that the water and Essential Oil are mixed well before being diffused into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, it will also prevent the loss of oil and water when in use. So you get the most out of your EO and it also ends up saving you money and time.

There are two timer settings on this Diffuser: 1) consistent mode and 2) intermittent mode. First, the consistent mode runs for 4hours and the intermittent mode will run continuously for 8 hours before shutting off and resuming again after 10 minutes.

Both timers help you maintain a safe environment by preventing the Essential Oil Smart Diffuser from running for an extended period. The timers also conserve the oil by shutting off when not in use.

  • High-quality aromatherapy diffuser
  • Sleek, modern design is easy to use
  • Two Countdown timers
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • None found yet.

Levoair Essential Oil Smart Diffuser 2021

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Levoair smart home oil diffuser works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home with the help of which you can also use voice commands to operate your smart aromatherapy diffuser on and off, as in “Alexa, turn on/off the diffuser”.

You may also regulate it with your phone, freeing up your hands and utilizing your smart home. This ultrasonic best aroma diffuser with alarm clock, temperature, weather, week display, timer, and schedule functions is the perfect way to treat yourself and your loved ones.

It can be used to diffuse essential oils, aromatherapy sprays, and other products to make them more potent or help them achieve their therapeutic benefits. When you are not using the aromatherapy diffuser, it can be turned into a mood light with seven different colors to enhance the atmosphere.

During the day in the office/home, you can use it to output a strong mist. It is suitable for yoga, exercise, and SPA providing four to five hours of continuous misting experience. When you are sleeping, it can be set to time mode for light show display.

We loved that the Green weak mist mode is intended to support sleep, work, or study for roughly 8-10 hours. The smart aroma diffuser generates a relaxing, pleasant ambiance that helps to relieve tiredness and mental stress while also improving air quality.

Another great feature of this product is that when the water runs out, it will instantly cease to function, and when you go to sleep, you may turn off your screen light.

The gorgeous design of the Levuair diffuser for essential oils is like a beautiful piece. This lovely unit would make excellent presents for your friends and family, as well as your significant others.

  • Ultrasonic best aroma diffuser
  • Can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Four to five-hour misting experience
  • Suitable for yoga, exercise, and SPA
  • Gorgeous design
  • May lack in some features due to low price.

Geeni Essential Oil Diffuser

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Geeni is among the top 10 diffusers available out there in the market because of its many features and affordable price. It has a simple and sleek design that any person would love.

This smart Wifi essential oil diffuser makes it simple to create a relaxing atmosphere in your house and turn it into a spa so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

You can easily connect to Alexa and Google Home for the voice command operation with which you can set a particular time for your diffuser to work, as well as increase or decrease the amount of mist it gives out.

The Geeni app is available for both iOS and Android users. You can download the respective app on your phone and connect it to your diffuser to have better control over it. The app also helps you track your usage and keep a check on the products’ health and it change colors and enhances energy, sleeps, or soothes the senses.

Without the humming, you may diffuse your favorite scent combination with no problem. This compact, powerful smart diffuser vaporizes water to fill the space with fragrance swiftly and quietly thanks to our adjustable controls and 12W power.

Too, it can be used in a variety of settings, including spas and at home. It blends scent with light to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere.

The consumers can also set their desired aroma to come on automatically at bedtime, or wake up to a rejuvenating combination of essential oils and enables you to set up routines and schedules for a completely automated house lifestyle.

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Connects to Alexa and Google Home
  • Geeni app available for iOS and Android users
  • Tracks usage and product health
  • Can be used in spas and at home
  • Sometimes doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi.

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Smart Diffuser 2021

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Asakiki is a distinctive Wi-Fi aromatherapy diffuser that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This innovative technology in this device will enable you to adjust the diffuser in your voice.

You just have to simply download the companion software to operate this diffuser. You may alter the color of the light, its intensity, and other factors. The essential oil diffuser from health and home is ideal for any house, workplace, or yoga studio to help you create a relaxing atmosphere.

It will humidify the air so that you won’t have dry skin or lips any longer. The relaxing atmosphere in your space is only one of the benefits you may get from this aromatherapy diffuser which makes it also the best smart home fragrance diffuser.

The most unusual feature of this aromatherapy diffuser is the ability to set the duration you wish it to run. You may regulate the diffuser with your phone (or tablet) half an hour before you arrive home, allowing you to maintain the ambiance you desire all evening long.

Because the humidifier has a huge water storage capacity of 700ml, it may run continuously throughout the night. The seven distinct hues will provide you with an excellent lighting display in the LED.

All in all, the aromatherapy diffuser is not only used as an aromatherapy diffuser, but it also has certain lights that will add a unique touch to your room and a humidifier that will keep you hydrated all through the night.

Just download the Tuya smart app to your smartphone and link it with Alexa or Google Home. Only 2.4GHz connections are permitted with this Wi-Fi gadget.

  • Tuya smart app
  • Seven distinct hues
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Beautiful light wood color
  • Alexa or Google Home compatible
  • Its design can be improved.

Maxcio Smart Oil Diffuser

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Maxcio smart scent diffuser utilizes ultrasonic atomization technology to generate a fine refreshing mist that may help to relax you and decrease stress.

What we like the most about this product is that the smart life application allows you to run many operations (turn on/off, timer, schedule, light setting) from your phone remotely.

You may control the essential oil diffuser with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Simply say “Alexa, turn on/off the diffuser” and “Google, turn on/off the diffuser.”

The 1000ml water tank generates continual sprays for a longer period and the humidifier can run for up to 32 hours under ideal circumstances when full water is available. When the fluid runs out, it will switch off automatically, making it safer to use.

The users can also set a time when the ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser will operate in Smart Life. For example, it’s been set up to turn on automatically at 6 a.m. before you wake up and off automatically after falling asleep at 10 p.m.

We loved that you can set up the smart diffuser and show it to your family and it’s simple enough for the elderly, plus there is no need for a Hub or subscription. Overall, we found this ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser to be a well-rounded product that is perfect for any home.

  • Runtime up to 32 hours under ideal circumstances
  • 1000ml water tank
  • Supports 2.4G devices
  • No need for a Hub or subscription
  • Ultrasonic atomization technology
  • Does not support 5G devices.

Aera Essential Oil Smart Diffuser

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Everyone wants their home to have a pleasant smell, but it isn’t always easy to maintain and ensure safety. Aera efficiently solves this issue.

The Smart Diffuser is straightforward to use. Simply plug it in, insert the fragrance capsule of your choice, and press the “play” button. The diffuser will be on for a pre-set duration of time and shut off automatically.

You will adjust the intensity as you adjusted the volume to discover your ideal scent setting. The diffuser can run for up to 800 hours per capsule.

The device is controlled using the smartphone app or Alexa, so you may use it to switch on before guests arrive, turn it off when you’re gone, or adjust the intensity in different rooms. Because the Aera Diffuser has a motor, it makes noise while in use.

In addition to that, the diffuser can be used with any type of fragrance you prefer, whether essential oil or scented oil. Its fragrance droplets are approximately 50 times smaller than conventional aerosol spray droplets.

Because the essential oils and pure fragrance are absorbed in a high-speed pump, they rapidly evaporate, leaving your area smelling incredible. The scent dissipates more slowly than if you were to burn a candle.

Besides that, the surround-scent technology produces a uniform 360-degree scent in your room. Now you don’t have to worry about lighting candles or utilizing harsh, synthetic air fresheners to hide pet and culinary smells any longer.

Place the diffuser in your bedroom or at your workplace to create a more relaxing atmosphere so that you can sleep more soundly or feel more. Ensured by the USB cord, you can place it on your office desk using an adapter to keep you company all day.

For the most fantastic scent experience, place this diffuser in a central location in your space, away from air vents and windows. Each scent capsule release is a combination of pure fragrances from world-renowned perfumers. They merge into the air flawlessly, producing a lovely scent with multidimensional notes.

All in all, you may program the app or Alexa to control and generate a scent schedule using Aera’s Micro droplet Technology.

  • Smaller than traditional aerosol spray droplets
  • Can be used with any type of fragrance
  • Simple control from app or Alexa
  • Uses micro-droplets to create a more intense scent
  • Safe, clean, and comfortable scents
  • The diffuser is a bit noisy.

ASAKUKI Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

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This fantastic ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is unlike any other you’ve tried before, and it’s a versatile aromatherapy tool that works well in any room. The high-quality polypropylene and glass construction looks great, and the unit is whisper-quiet so you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without disturbance.

Polypropylene is a durable plastic material that does not corrode or rust. This makes it an ideal material for use in Essential Oil Smart Diffusers. Also, it resists wear and tear.

It has a huge 300ml water tank and seven distinct LED colors, these colors are used to create a relaxing and therapeutic environment. The diffuser also has an automatic shut-off timer which can be set for one, two, or three hours.

You will like that this product has several mist diffuse modes: continuous, interval, and overnight. It also includes an auto-shutoff function that switches off the hot water in the case that it runs out of water.

Another great feature of this device is that all of its essential oils are made of all-natural plant ingredients that are both safe and effective on hair and skin, and they are free of any additives, chemicals, or heat-producing ingredients.

Moreover, the oil diffuser uses your favorite fragrance oils to create a relaxing mood, reduce stress or anxiety, enhance deep sleep, or simply provide a peaceful ambiance. The device is also BPA-free and ETL certified so you can be confident in its quality and safety.

  • Large 300ml water tank
  • Has an automatic shut-off timer
  • Quiet operation
  • 7 different LED colors
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Sometimes it leaks.

Geeni Essential Oil Smart Diffuser

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Geeni Smart Wifi essential oil diffuser makes it simple to create a spa-like atmosphere in your house. For voice command operation, connect to Alexa or Google Home, or utilize the Geeni App for extensive management so that you can include and remove scents at your own particular pace.

This isn’t a large gadget, yet it will influence you to feel as it were. It is made to provide an aromatherapy impact, which will leave you feeling refreshed and quiet. This diffuser likewise has a nightlight highlight that you can change to any of the seven distinctive hues accessible.

You can likewise change the shade to dim and brighten it, which implies you can utilize this while sleeping.

Another great thing about this item is that you can diffuse your favorite scent without causing buzzing. The manufacturer offers a smart diffuser that significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to fill the space with fragrance and does so quietly and quickly. The 12W power consumption of this diffuser is many times faster than most similar devices.

We loved that the smart scent diffuser, whether you’re at a spa or home, mixes smell with light to give you the most pleasurable experience possible. To improve energy, support sleep, or soothe the senses, use the app to change colors from one to another.

You will like that at bedtime, you can turn on the aroma of your choice. It can either wake you up or fill the room with your favorite sleep aromas automatically.

The app also enables you to design a completely automated house experience using schedules and routines. In one location, the flexible and intuitive app allows you to link all of your smart home devices.

Each virtual room is connected to its own set of rules and a storyline that you create yourself. You can combine them with your own in-app.

  • Automatically diffuses scents
  • Easily controllable via your smartphone
  • Operation without interference
  • 12 watts of power
  • Customizable preset timers
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Sometimes difficult to operate through voice commands.

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Smart Diffuser – Buying Guide

Essential Oil Smart Diffuser Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best essential oil smart diffuser, there are a few factors you need to consider.

Because these features can vary from diffuser to diffuser, you must find one that meets your specific needs and you should end up buying a premier item that is worth your money and resources. Here are some tips on how to choose the best product for your needs.

Size: In general, oil diffusers are those that can hold a certain amount of water and oils. It is necessary to determine how much oil you will need for each use, so you can buy the right diffuser.

Some diffusers have small capacities and others have large capacities. You just need to select the size that fits your needs.

Noise: There are essential oil diffusers that operate silently and those that create a little noise. If you are a light sleeper, you should probably purchase a diffuser that runs quietly so it will not disturb your sleep.

Timer: A timer can be a great feature because it will automatically shut off the diffuser after a certain period. This is perfect if you want to sleep or if you plan to leave the house. Some users want their diffusers to run all night, so they should look for a model that does not have a timer.

Functionality: It is necessary to find the best essential oil diffuser based on the features it offers. Some diffusers have special features like changing colors, changing mist modes and they can even heat essential oils. If you wish to purchase one of these products, you will have to find one that meets your needs.

Weight: Some diffusers are very lightweight and easy to carry around, while others are a little heavier. If you plan on traveling with your diffuser, you should find one that is lightweight.

Price: Essential oil diffusers vary in price. You should select the one that is within your budget and meets your needs. If you wish to purchase a premium brand, this will cost more than other products.

The app: Some of these gadgets come with an app that you can use to control the diffuser. This is a great feature if you want to have more control over the diffuser. However, it is important to note that some apps are compatible with both iOS and android and some are of low quality.

Maintenance: How much maintenance does the oil diffuser require? Some products need to be cleaned every few days, while others can go a week or more without needing to be cleaned. If you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning your diffuser, you should purchase one that does not require a lot of maintenance.

Now that you know how to choose the best essential oil smart diffuser, you can find one that suits your needs. Just remember that these items vary in terms of capacity, noise level, functionality, and more.


Q: Can you use a diffuser just with the light?

A. Yes you can, but only on the lowest brightness setting. At the bottom right-hand corner, there is a button labeled “LIGHT.” For one second, press this button (left) manually choose your favorite brightness setting.

Q: How do I know if the diffuser is on?

A: You can tell by a small light at the bottom of the diffuser. If it is off, the light will be dark. If it is on, the light will be white.

Q: How many oil drops should I put in my diffuser?

A. We recommend three to five drops, depending on the time of day, your activity level, and how much you need the oil to impact your life.

Q: How do I clean the diffuser?

A: You can wipe off any excess oil or water with a paper towel, and then use a q-tip to clean inside the water reservoir. If there is any Calcification or mineral build-up, you can use white vinegar or warm water with a splash of grapefruit oil to clean the inside.

Q: How long does it take for the diffuser to heat up?

A: The diffuser will heat up faster if more drops are used. If you use more than ten drops of oil, it could take up to 3-5 minutes for the unit to heat up.


Essential oil smart diffusers are a great way to experience the benefits of essential oils. Not only are they affordable, but they are also easy to use.

You can use them in the office, in the car or even at home. But most importantly, they are safe to use which means you can apply them topically over your body as well as throughout your house.

In the year 2021, some amazing new devices have been launched. These include a smart diffuser with a Bluetooth speaker and an app that will allow you to take control of the unit and a diffuser that will heat the essential oils before dispersing them into the air.

We hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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